• Weather Resistant
  • Totally Secure
  • Simple Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Skilled Support
  • Detailed Reports
  • Network Compatible
  • Proven Track Record

VST Is A Licensed Bonded & Insured Fuel
Systems Contractor, Able To Install Or
Repair Any System In Arizona


Control Systems Designed To Authorize, Monitor & Report Fuel Dispensing For Fleets Of Any Size



VST Fuel Management, Inc. has been in the fuel management business for over 25 years. We offer a line of standard and custom designed data entry systems for tracking and managing dispensed fuel. VST Fuel Management, Inc. can setup the necessary equipment for you to monitor the activity of your dispensed fuel or fuels.

The VST Fuel Management System is a high security, fuel-island mounted, all-weather around the clock data collection and control system designed to authorize, monitor, control, and report fuel dispensing for fleets of any size. The VST system can control gasoline/diesel, DEF, CNG, and/or LPG and gates, etc. The heart of the VST system is a multi-layer, all solid-state microprocessor-based board with all operating features on the single board. The VST system authorizes and controls simultaneous operation of four hoses and any combination of six products to prevent losses by theft, leakage, and other unauthorized uses. The user-friendly operation requires no computer expertise. Completed transactions and operating reports can be reported in different ways.

Over 25 Years In Business & 100s Of Systems In Service

Our System

Made in the USA by VST employees, in-house. Our System has earned distinction for being easy to use, simple to maintain and repair, reliable in rugged conditions. From collecting and reporting transactions, to security features such as pin codes, magnetic security cards and DATAKEY, the VST fuel management system is a complete fuel tracking solution. Companies may not know how much potential savings they are leaving on the tabled until they try a comprehensive system like ours.

Data Reporting

Our systems can connect to your system via direct, wifi, radio or cellular, logger printer, receipt printer to collect all data relative to a completed fueling transaction. We even sell systems with integrated computers, another step of securing data at the point of collection, to ensure data integrity. Completed transactions are captured in non-volatile memory to also ensure the integrity of all stored transaction data, as well as the operating program and files. Odometer readings and metered hours readings entered at the beginning of a transaction can be used for maintenance, service and analysis of MPG the vehicle is getting. View reports showing usage sorted by pump, truck, (PIN) employee, company, project and other metrics. Get an accurate and complete view of how fuel is being used in your organization, so you can make good management decisions and accurately predict usages and costs.

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